Click on the images below to see more of my miniature work:

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Clips represented in Animation Reel and my role in their production:


After Effects Animation:

1) Welcome to a More Beautiful Web (commercial) - After Effects Animator

2) NewMail (commercial) - After Effects Animator

3) The Taste of Heaven (Music Video) - Director/Compositor

4) The Fall (animated short) - Director/Compositor


Stop-Motion Animation:

5) Homecoming (commercial) - Stop-Motion Animator/Lead Set Designer

6) My Windows 8.1 (commercial) - Lead Stop-Motion Animator

7) The School of Hard Knocks (informational) - Stop-Motion Animator

8) The Taste of Heaven (music video) - Director/Stop-Motion Animator

9) White Winter Hymnal (music video) - Lighting Animator

10) A Jazzman's Jazzman: The Gerry Carruthers Story (featurette) - Co-Director/Stop-Motion Animator


Set Design/Construction:

11) Boarding (commercial) - Lead Set Designer

12) Queen of the Sun (documentary) - Assistant Set Builder for animated segment

13) The Taste of Heaven (music video) - Director/Prop Builder

14) Swamp Scene (animation test) - Co-Set Designer

15) Roll-Top Desk (animation test) - Miniature builder